How do you pay back payday loans and loans?

Currently, most of us use loans. This is not surprising – banks and loan companies are tempting with offers at every turn. And such offers trigger in the consumer the current need for purchase, which can just be realized thanks to the loan.

Most Poles live on credit today. This trend came to us from the west, mainly from American society, which we have always looked at so much. Everything was always there “on credit”. We also have unfortunately now, because we are buying houses or apartments and arranging them, then after many years we have to renovate our four corners, in the meantime a new car appears somewhere, we go on a nice vacation, we send a child to study, we buy a new TV, a washing machine, a dishwasher, a games console for the child, new furniture and all this either on installments or on credit. Overall very cool. We ‘re developing. But what if our income no longer allows us to repay all our financial obligations ? And there are fees, food, rent for the flat, car and fuel. Unfortunately, in this situation people often reach for … another financial commitment to cover the current and leave a few pennies for current expenses. People leaning to the wall often do not think soberly and just make another commitment. After all, it will be somehow, it will pay off somehow. How if it is not enough for all this?


How do you get out of payday loans and loans?

payday loans and loans?

The best solution in this situation is to consolidate loans into one lower installment. This situation will definitely be a relief for the consumer. Yes, his total commitment will increase, but the installments will be adjusted so that they can be repaid without any problems. Until the status of a “clean” customer allows us (this is not a consolidation without checking the bases ), we can use this solution.

Unfortunately, not everyone does just that way. Hi, I’m still trying to “save situations” with non-bank products. Their availability is enormous and, as a rule, does not require checking credit bases, and if so mainly for indicative purposes.

One form of non-bank loan is the so-called payday loan. Instantaneous pay is a short-term commitment, usually up to 30 days, after which we must repay the entire amount plus additional fees associated with its borrowing. Some payday loans use a method, colloquially known as the drug dealer method. They offer the first loan for free – this means that the borrower gives back to the creditor only what he borrowed. He is not thinking even more about paying off payday loans , but he is glad that he took the opportunity. This is of course wrong thinking because the company deliberately manipulates the customer hoping that even if it does not extend the payday payback and will give it back free of charge, it will borrow again soon, but of course with considerable fees.

Unfortunately, one payday loan likes to go hand in hand with another, of course, to pay off the first, then the next for current needs and another for something extra to improve mood. The instantaneous loop is even worse than with normal term installments. Here, we must immediately repay the whole or extend the liability for further days, which does not reduce the liability. Getting out of payday loans is really very difficult. Here, if we don’t get any extra cash, we won’t be able to deal with several such loans at once. A salvage can again be a bank loan to pay payday loans . If we can and manage to consolidate everything and attach new commitments to it, then we can say that we succeeded. What if not already? The bank refused another loan? Bad entries in BIK do not allow this?


Where to consolidate payday loans?

Where to consolidate payday loans?

Consolidation of payday loans for indebted consumers is no longer as simple as for those who have a clear history in economic information databases. Here you will need to find the right institution that helps people in this situation, because of course consolidation for those in debt is also possible. However, we must remember that the loan for the payment of payday loans will reach us monthly payments in the form of installments. The amount of the fee will depend on the amount the creditor must pay us and the costs he adds for this service. Consolidation of payday loans without checking BIK will certainly not be a cheap thing anymore – if we report to such a company, we are probably a high-risk customer. However, we should remember that consolidation of payday loans without creditworthiness is possible and it is worth thinking about it.


Debt Loop

Debt Loop

If we do not currently have a contract of employment, but we have a stable source of income enabling us to pay back in installments, we can also try to combine our payday loans into one unit. Consolidation for the unemployed is offered by several companies available on the market. These institutions know that nowadays you can be unemployed only “on paper”, and actually go to work and receive regular payroll benefits. And even if the potential customer does not have a fixed income, he can receive high social benefits that are completely enough for him to support himself, additionally paying off the consolidation of non-bank products in one monthly installment.

You can always get out of debt. It is never worth breaking down. Unfortunately, the situations described above are quite common today and many people who seem to be doing well, may have slipped their legs many times. It is not worth judging anyone, because we never know what the script is for us. It is worth borrowing wisely . Borrow in such a way that you can pay your debt without having to worry about where to get the money for it. If this happens, however, consolidation is a good lifebuoy and should be used as soon as possible. Finding an offer, both for people with bad BIK and for those who can freely use the bank’s services will not be difficult. You need to search the internet and certainly everyone will be able to find an offer tailored to their situation and their needs . Finally, I just wanted to add that I wish each of us not to have to look for her …

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