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Mortgage loan ranking 2019, which is how to choose a bank for a mortgage, which we will allocate for the purchase of an apartment or house. We have two options: we can use the internet mortgage finder or make an appointment with a financial intermediary.

What is the best mortgage and in which bank to apply for a loan for the purchase of an apartment, house or other property? Maybe a mortgage ranking is the best solution? There is no credit ranking that objectively presents the best mortgages for everyone. There is simply no such ranking.

Credit rankings are most often created for specific orders .


The ranking of loans can be determined in such a way that a particular bank will be in the first place. It is enough to take into account the appropriate parameters for comparing loans, so that the particular bank will take first place in the ranking.

It should be noted that every mortgage proposal is just … a loan offer for everyone. Only after examining the customer’s creditworthiness and creditworthiness can the bank submit a loan offer. The better we get the assessment made by the bank, the better credit terms we can count on.

The mortgage cost is affected by many factors, including: interest on the loan, the amount of the credit margin, the installment system (equal or decreasing), the amount of own contribution, the loan period, the date of loan payment, the amount of costs not directly related to the loan.

The best way to create a mortgage ranking with regard to our financial situation is to make an appointment with a financial intermediary.

Comparison of mortgage offers


The question: what is the best and cheapest mortgage FOR US , can only be answered INDIVIDUAL comparison of mortgage loans.

This is very important because only comparison of bank offers gives you the opportunity to search for a favorable mortgage. Mortgage offers on the market are very much, which can cause some difficulties when making the right choice. To simplify this, you can use several helpful tools: a mortgage comparison engine, a bank offer search engine and a mortgage calculator.

On the portal you will find one tool that combines all of these applications.

Credit search engine is also a bank offer comparison engine. All you need to do is enter the value of the mortgage and you get an estimate of the loan installments, but this is not a credit ranking, of course. It is only a simulator of loan installments, from which you will learn how much the estimated amount of installment will be.

Apart from the calculator itself and the verification of loan offers, it is also worth arranging with a financial intermediary – there is a list of entities above. At the meeting, the financial expert will compare mortgage loans, check if there are promotional offers, calculate the creditworthiness, help in the completion of documents and answer all your questions related to mortgage loans.

Such a meeting does not oblige us to take out a mortgage in a bank indicated by a bank adviser, but it is the best way to choose a favorable mortgage loan.

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