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Each of us knows what private loans are and how they are granted. Many people get into debt and turn over with borrowed funds on a daily basis, buying specific goods or services for them. However, not everyone is aware of the actual difference between a loan and a loan and what are the types of private loans that are becoming more and more popular. What do we mean by the concept of a private loan, what specific form of financial support does it mean, and how can we reach for a private loan? has more notes


What are private loans?

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Private loans are any form of making certain monetary amounts available to third parties by non-bank institutions or individuals who are their property and which the borrower can use for any purpose. In short, these are all loans that are not granted by banks. Private loans can have a different nature. These can be loans taken from friends, family, through social networking (so-called social loans) and quick loans offered by non-bank loan institutions. By far the most common form of private loans on the market today are quick loans commonly known as payday loans that are included in the offers of private loan companies.


The difference between a private loan and a loan

The difference between a private loan and a loan

Loans and credit are very closely related, but they are not synonymous (synonyms), there are several formal and legal differences between them. The main difference is that they are reserved for different institutions. A loan is the exclusive privilege of banking institutions, in that certain funds are made available to the borrower, but they are virtual money that the bank creates for the borrower’s needs under applicable banking law. We can buy specific goods for the money created in this way and given to us in the form of a loan. The market of loans granted by banks is strictly regulated as opposed to looser rules on which a loan can be granted or obtained.

The concept of a loan is a broader concept. It includes all forms of private loans , which are associated mainly with popular payday loans granted by non-bank institutions and social loans implemented through specialized internet platforms connecting borrowers and lenders, which are a relatively new phenomenon on our market. These entities conduct specialized business operations on general principles and are not covered by the financial supervision of the country to which the banks are subject.


Private loan is also understood as a direct form of making funds

Private loan is also understood as a direct form of making funds

It is available by a private investorwho is willing to grant another person a cash loan from their own savings. Unlike loans offered by non-bank companies, there are no limits on the amounts that limit the amount of loans granted. The terms and conditions for granting such loans are regulated on individually agreed terms between the creditor and the borrower in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code. A private loan is also any form of financial support for our family members or friends.

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